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Conceal Your Identity Playing Online Poker

How to Conceal Your Identity Playing Online Poker

When you are playing poker online, you have to work hard to conceal who you are or other players will literally pick your chips away from you. Too many players are making the mistake of giving away tells online when they think that they are safe from other players. Here are some ways to hide your identity so that no one can easily pick you off while you are trying to play.

Keeping Yourself Quite

You can not imagine how many players online are too busy chatting with the online chat feature in the poker rooms. These players are too focused about talking and not paying attention to the actions of other players. These players are posting about what types of hands they folded, when was the last time they had an ace, and the story about a bad beat they experienced a hand ago. All this information gives players a free opportunity to start putting together a story about your play.

Tightening Up Your Game

The best way to keep other players from figuring you out is to simply do the opposite of what you are doing now. The first thing is to stop flashing the hole cards when you bluff or fold certain hands. Stop chatting to everyone, in fact, turn off the chat feature and focus on pot odds or the actions of weaker players. Mix up your play so that you raise the pot when you feel you should fold, you call the blind raises, and you push all in when an ace hits the board.

If you keep making plays that confuse other players, they are more likely to start searching for weaker players to try and bully. If you keep them off your scent, they will stop looking to take your chips too. Read more information about ionclub come visit us at JDK Casino.